Our Approach

For the past 4 years, the DSA organization has been conducting yearly penetration tests and ongoing vulnerability management across 10,000+ disparate assets, at New Mexico State University. Before NMSU’s engagement with DSA, “the university’s third-party auditor rated NMSU’s security at a “D” level. With DSA’s help and the establishment of NMSU’s Cyber Team, the university’s rating has increased significantly, to an “A” rating” per, Carlos Lobato, Chief Security Officer, for the university.

DSA proactively keeps abreast of cybersecurity vulnerabilities that are identified on key government and commercial websites; this continuous management is achieved using tools, including the Ivanti Neurons platform. The DSA security program protects commercial and government entities, around the world, with a comprehensive vulnerability solution that allows for reporting, visualization, ticket generation and tracking of all vulnerabilities for the life of the engagement. Importantly to NMSU, the DSA approach was customized to meet their specific needs and restricted for need-to-know and security.

“DSA’s cybersecurity and penetration testing program has established a proven process and road map for the future, not only in securing the school’s OT/IT infrastructure but by protecting our most precious resource, our students and our local community from cyber threats.”



Disparate assets