The Command Center for Your Critical Infrastructure

DSA’s WatchPost provides a real-time, 360-degree view of your critical infrastructure. Our platform removes the data silos spread throughout your facility, bringing the power of perspective to help drive better, faster decisions related to energy performance and resilience.

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The Command Center for Your Critical Infrastructure

Smarter Facilities are
Better Facilities

Smart Campus

DSA’s WatchPost Smart Campus solutions connect people, devices, and applications to improve the efficiency, resilience, and security of multi-building environments.

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Intelligent Outage Management

When there’s a failure at your facility, you can’t wait for someone to notice. Intelligent outage management locates and communicates outage locations and simplifies the remediation process.

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Central Plant Monitoring

DSA’s WatchPost Central Plant Monitoring solutions provide secure and remote access to operational data from utilities assets which is a key component of situational awareness.

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Condition-Based Maintenance

DSA’s WatchPost data-driven CBM framework advances maintenance practices by leveraging operational data to maximize asset operating time and streamline maintenance operations.

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Smart HVAC Scheduling

DSA’s WatchPost smart schedule solution eliminates global schedules by connecting cloud-hosted room reservation tools with building automation systems to deliver energy savings and extend equipment lifetimes.

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Energy Management

DSA’s WatchPost Energy Management Information System (EMIS) solution is the central platform for all environmental and sustainability monitoring and reporting.

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Energy Use Index

DSA’s WatchPost Energy Management Information System (EMIS) solution is the central platform for all environmental and sustainability monitoring and reporting.

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Digital Twins

DSA’s WatchPost asset-level digital twins create a virtual representation of an operational system or process. We perform statistical analyses on this virtual model to identify improvement opportunities that can be transferred to the real-life system.

Automated Fault Detection

DSA’s WatchPost Fault Detection and Diagnostics solutions provide analytics that include logic-based rules, regression analyses, and machine learning to identify operational faults across a wide range of facilities and utilities assets.

WatchPost Operations Center

The WatchPost Operations Center is a 24/7 monitoring service that maximizes the availability of your PI System environment. WatchPost includes server & OS monitoring, PI System application monitoring, and continuous cybersecurity vulnerability management. 

WatchPost integrates all of your systems into one secure platform. It reduces attack vectors, addresses existing vulnerabilities, and continuously monitors your infrastructure for anomalies and intrusions.

Our Trusted Clients

  • University of Maryland
  • State of Maryland
  • University of Wisconsin
  • Sandia National Laboratory
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
  • U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
  • U.S. Navy Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC)
  • EverGreen Energy, Inc.
  • Milwaukee Regional Medical Center Thermal Services
100%Plant Availability

“DSA’s PI System and Cybersecurity Monitoring solution has been particularly valuable to Ever-Green Energy. With DSA’s support, our PI System is now more reliable which improves our ability to efficiently deliver utilities to the MRMC campus of healthcare facilities."

Rory Peters, General Manager
Milwaukee Regional Medical Center Thermal Services
25%+Reducing HVAC energy consumption
$500,000+Annual Energy Savings

DSA’s Intelligent Classroom Scheduling Application connects cloud-hosted classroom schedules to Building Automation Systems, in real-time.

Intelligent Classroom Scheduling
10,000+ Disparate assets

“DSA’s cybersecurity and penetration testing program has established a proven process and road map for the future, not only in securing the school’s OT/IT infrastructure but by protecting our most precious resource, our students and our local community from cyber threats."

Carlos Lobato, Chief Security Officer, New Mexico State University
New Mexico State University
10Migrated more than 10 years of historical plant data that was stored in a discontinued historian.

“The DSA Critical Infrastructure Protection team has been an invaluable asset to the University of Wisconsin in designing and deploying the Aveva PI System to serve as a single historian for the university’s three major district energy facilities. From the discovery stage to the completion of the project, their team walked us through the steps for a successful outcome. They took the time to understand our systems, our needs, and our wants and delivered a finished solution that has exceeded our expectations. The PI System is now the central monitoring tool for UW’s Central Plants and has operated without any unscheduled downtime since it was installed.”

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Six Decades of Technology Solutions
Securing and Optimizing Critical Infrastructure

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